In response to the challenges posed by the new Standards of Practice set out for pharmacists, Vigilance Santé has introduced RxVigilance+, a highly anticipated add-on to the RxVigilance software. The software extension consists of three tools that will quickly become part of you daily arsenal:

  • RXIntensi-T
  • Morphine equivalent
  • Conciliation Tool

Establishing the level of intensity

For the first time ever, you can now instantly identify which patient profiles will require greater involvement, thanks to the service intensity rating. RxVigilance+ enhances each patient profile by calculating its level of complexity to help you set priorities.

Service intensity rating with RxIntensi-T

RxIntensi-T provides a service intensity rating based on patient profiles.

We have taken into consideration all the characteristics that make the process of evaluating and dispensing certain medications more complex for pharmacists. Fourteen complicating factors have been identified and relative values have been assigned based on the level of attention required to manage them.


  • Objective identification of complex profiles
  • Planning of pharmacists’ workload
    • Helps prioritize records with the work team
    • Helps with implementation of CCVD
  • Optimization of pharmacy workflow
  • Business analysis indicators

Morphine equivalent calculation

The calculation tool makes it possible to quickly obtain a non-clinical morphine equivalent for comparison and alert purposes. This monitoring and search tool was developed in response to the opioid crisis.

  • Conversion of doses to morphine equivalent
  • Takes all opioids into account
  • Search tool
  • Displayed in Perspectives

Medication profile reconciliation

The only tool that allows users to compare a patient’s profile using two different dates, making it possible to monitor a patient’s profile over time. The pictorial elements of the interface make the comparison process easier for the health professional.

  • Accelerated comparison process
  • Ideal for hospital discharges
  • Comprehensive and relevant information for each medication
  • Ability to add notes and print the reconciliation

The status of each drug is illustrated by a distinct icon and colour.

If you have any questions about the Conciliation tool, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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