Checking and preparing pill dispensers has never been as easy or as efficient as with the RxPhotosProfile module.

Pill dispenser preparation software

Streamline the process of preparing and verifying pill dispensers with RxPhotosProfile. This module has a user-friendly interface with an easy-to-read administration schedule, along with the ability to see which medications must be taken throughout the day.

Detailed administration times

The table detailing medication administration times provides all the information a health professional could need, including the dosage, prescription number, DIN and notes relating to each medication.

Pill dispensers

To make it easier for health professionals, administration times are colour-coded. Click on the high resolution photographs for a close-up look.


The RxPhotosProfile module was designed to be compatible with standard size tablets, making it easier for professionals who may be on-the-go within a healthcare facility or on the road.

Image quality

The use of high-resolution photographs allows for easy identification of medication, even on tablet-type devices that have a limited screen area.

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