DressingsA practical reference tool

Quickly access information about a dressing's characteristics and easily identify comparable dressings belonging to the same classes.

We all know that your practice goes beyond medication!

RxVigilance includes a unique tool so that dressings are no longer a pain.

User-friendly search

Quickly find the product you need with a search by dressing name or class.

Detailed information

Identify at a glance the dressing classes to which each product belongs and get useful information on each of them.

  • Need to apply a secondary dressing
  • Maximum duration of application
  • Level of absorption
  • Typical uses
  • Benefits and precautions

Need to find a similar product?

View a list of comparable dressings by applying class filters.

At your fingertips

Specially designed to be consulted on any device, the Dressings tool accompanies you in all your usage settings.

Included in RxVigilance!

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