Identify pharmaceutical drugs with access to more than 50,000 photographs in the RxPhotosID module. When available, past physical characteristics of medications are also provided.

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Medication Identification

RxPhotosID is the tool of choice for any professional wishing to identify drugs by shape, colour or any other physical characteristic.

Search by appearance

Searching for a drug based on its appearance enables users to quickly enter any relevant information using pre-set characteristics (shape, colour, etc.).

High resolution photos

To make sure that every last detail is visible, the images in Vigilance Santé’s modules and services are high resolution.

Compatible with mobile devices

The RxPhotosID module is optimized for mobile devices of all sizes. Enjoy the same features on your phone or tablet, regardless of where you are.

Same ease of use

With high resolution photos, users can identify medications with ease, even when results are displayed on smaller phone screens.

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