Master formulation record, stored electronically, and in compliance with existing regulations. Contains more than 500 compounding formulas, including 25 for magic mouthwash.

Master formulations

All our formulations are reviewed and referenced, and can be printed to document the preparation record.

Automatic calculation of quantities

The data entry form automatically calculates the amount required for each ingredient. Users may also enter product names, batch numbers and expiration dates to document preparations.

Structured Information

Master formulas are presented in a way that is structured and visual. Icons make it easy to identify information that is essential to making the compounded preparation.

  • Estimated time needed to make the preparation
  • Preparation category according to the standard
  • Precautions for Hazardous Drugs (NIOSH)
  • Identification of preferred formulas (star)

Compounding search index

Quickly find a specific master formulation with the search index, which consists of an effective search field and a filter to refine your criteria.

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