A new tool for community pharmacies

Clinical services made easy

Trust RxConsultAction to help you provide and document clinical services

The perfect assistant

  • Services are proposed

    based on the medications, indications, and conditions in the patient's file.

  • Decision assistance

    is provided through a dynamic form that adapts as you make selections.

  • Information is recorded

    in a structured way in the patient's file according to the standards of practice.

  • Patient information displayed at all times

  • Many actions possible when providing a service

  • Prescription assistance and provincial drug coverage

  • Follow-up reminders linked to your calendar

  • Optimized printing of summary and documents

  • Summaries of laws related to the service being provided


This exemplary assistant is with you step-by-step as you provide and document clinical pharmacy services.

  • Efficient
  • User-friendly
  • Fast

Discover the application today!

Watch for the upcoming integration of RxConsultAction into your pharmacy's software. You'll be able to discover its many benefits and see how effective it is firsthand. You won't be able to do without it!

Integrate RxConsultAction

This web application seamlessly integrates with any pharmacy software. As a developer, you can now give your users access to this indispensable assistant.

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