Calendars and administration schedules

The all new calendar and administration schedule creator module is popular among health professionals and their clients. Available in several formats.

Patient information

Quickly create a medication administration schedule for your patients with RxVigilance’s new calendars and administration schedules.

Ophthalmic calendar

This dosing schedule, specifically designed for the administration of ophthalmic products, is part of the all new calendars and administration schedules creator that has become so popular among health professionals. This dosing schedule ensures better management of dosing intervals, frequency of dosing, and timing of administration.

Administration schedules

Among the administration schedules available, the taper schedule greatly simplifies the work of health professionals seeking to provide patients with a schedule that is simple and straightforward.

  • Weekly
  • Manual
  • Gradual decrease
  • Sequential

Dosett cards

Designed mainly for Dosett-type pill dispensers, Dosett cards have several useful features, including an option to add notes and sort products.

Daily calendar

This 24-hour daily planner can be used to quickly create medication administration schedules for patients. The order in which products should be taken is easy to customize to reflect what is recommended by the health professional.

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